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Panerai Replica dog limited edition watch

Panerai Replica Chinese zodiac watch series adopted Chinese ancient constellation of the traditional aura, Qingqing create a new masterpiece – the limited edition watch dog. This watch worldwide limited edition 88, using the traditional Italian “SPARSELLO” craft engraved, the surface of the exquisite designs, hand-carved by master craftsmen.

The new Panerai Luminor 1950 Sealand 3 Days Automatic Acciaio – 44mm 3-day Power Reserve Automatic Stainless Steel Watch (PAM00858), hand-engraved by the Italian master craftsmen to the United States pattern, a unique limited edition watch to celebrate the arrival of the Wu Xu Dog Year . The history of the Chinese zodiac dates back to the 14th century BC. Since 2009, Panerai launched a series of tribute to the tradition, the new Xu dog watch is the tenth model of the series. Following the Lunar New Year of the Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey and Year of the Rooster, the Panerai Luminor 1950 Sealand Series celebrates the new Jubilee year and welcomes the new year of 1898 from February 16, 2018.

In the Chinese zodiac, Shawdogs cherish deep feelings towards the people around them and are concerned about them. They are loyal, trustworthy, and thoughtful, bright and talented. Although their personality is a bit conservative and stubborn, it is a symbol of awe-inspiring righteousness. Like the loyalty dog ​​representing a Chinese zodiac, it is a valuable life companion.

The new limited edition watch covers the dog year pattern exquisite carving, inspired by the traditional Chinese Zodiac, auspicious plum embraced the week.

Each of these 88 limited-edition cheap replica watches is carefully polished by an outstanding Italian master of engraving using the ancient “Sparsello” engraving technique, a longstanding technique derived from the special tools of the seal cover. First hook in the steel watch hook grooves, and layers of parallel embedded gold wire. Then repeatedly hammer the gold until it fills the groove completely. These gold outline the vivid zodiac dog patterns and other exquisite decorative lines. Due to the engraving and polishing process of the watch cover, the process of inserting the gold wire can not be carried out. Any subtle mistakes in the wire setting will damage the watch cover and lead to extinction. Therefore, this work can only be performed by artisans who master the superb craftsmanship.

Carved watch cover protection under the gray dial, simple design, convenient and clear reading. Equipped with Arabic numerals, linear hour markers and luminous dots, a small seconds dial at 9 o’clock and a date display at 3 o’clock. Inside the watchcase is a small mirror, embedded in the Luminor 1950’s 44mm diameter frosted stainless steel watchcase, with totally natural.
An endless stream of power from the new watch P.9000 self-winding movement, the movement entirely in Neuchâtel Panerai independent research and development. Sturdy and reliable movement, you can store 3 days power, equipped with two-way winding pendulum Tuo, with quick school function, the date can be automatically changed.

Panerai Luminor 1950 Sealand 3 Days AutomaticAcciaio – 44 mm 3 Day Power Reserve Automatic Stainless Steel Watch (PAM00858) With 10 standard atmospheric water resistance (water resistant to approx. 100 m) and a brown leather strap. The replica watches comes with a spare black rubber strap and a special tool for changing the strap and a screwdriver. The above package is only available in Panerai stores.

– 44 mm 3-day power reserve automatic stainless steel watch
The world’s limited edition of 88
Watch Model: PAM00858
Movement: Panerai P. 9000 self-winding mechanical movement, entirely developed by Panerai, 13¾ p.m., 7.9 mm thick, 28 stone, Glucydur® balance, Incabloc® shock absorber, 3rd Power reserve, 2 barrels, 197 parts.
Features: Hours, minutes, small seconds, date display.
Case: 44 mm diameter, AISI 316L matte steel.
Cover: polished steel, hand engraved.
Case back: transparent sapphire crystal glass.
Crown protection bridge: Frosted steel (Panerai patent).
Dial: Gray, with Arabic numerals and hour markers. 3 o’clock position date display window, 9 o’clock position set small seconds.
Crystal glass: sapphire crystal glass, made of corundum, 1.6 mm thick, anti-reflective coating.
Waterproof: 10 bar (about 100 meters).
Strap: PANERAI engraved leather strap with frosted steel clasp. Attach a spare strap, a replacement strap tools and a steel screwdriver.

Three green element replica watches recommended

And the end of the year to the end of the year, the inventory of the hot words this year, from the “every Friday see” to “Hello everyone, to tell you that this is … …” changes. Inventory of the year’s hot words or the hottest colors, “forgive the green” the high frequency of people can not be ignored. In the watch brand, has also been favored with green as a watch color, today’s watch home for everyone to bring a few with a green element of the watch, the green worn on his hand, life will not be more hope.
Panerai LUMINOR 1950 series PAM00737 watch

Product Type: PAM00737
Watch diameter: 44 mm
Movement type: manual machinery
Movement model: P.2004
Case Material: Matte Titanium
Waterproof depth: 100 meters
Watch Comments: This is a typical feature of the LUMINOR 1950 series of Panerai, 44 mm frosted titanium case, and equipped with the Panerai Replica 1950s on the patented classic bridge device, to protect the crown, to ensure that Watch the waterproof performance. Watches equipped with P.2004 manual winding mechanical movement, completely developed by the Panerai, which is a major breakthrough in Panerai. Originally Panerai’s tight bottom cover design can easily be imitated to create false or refurbished, this only PAM00737 back through the design, clearly visible movement of the operation. Dark green dial design, with silver frosted titanium case, and then equipped with Panerai rough natural brown leather strap. The new color combination, only in the global Panerai store sale.
Rolex MILGAUSS series 116400-GV-72400 black disc watch

Product Type: 116400-GV-72400 black plate
Domestic price: 63200
Watch diameter: 40 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case Material: Stainless steel
Waterproof depth: 100 meters
Watch Comments: Rolex in the use of green can be said to have a very successful example. “Green Water Ghost” success, but also from such a side that Rolex “every green will fire” effect. Many people like “green water ghost” domineering, especially, even “show”. But some people think that in daily life, “green ghost” is difficult to control. So this one “green glass” to fill the group of people for the “green” desire. Low-key green from the sapphire crystal glass revealed, orange lightning pointer and green with also seem particularly coordinated. 40mm case diameter for more people’s wrist diameter, so if you think you can not control the “green ghost”, this “green glass” is also good.
Omega Speedmaster Replica series watch

Product Type: 304.
Domestic Price: 96200
Watch diameter: 44.25 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Movement Model: 9904
Case Material: Stainless Steel – Gold Double Case
Waterproof depth: 100 meters
Watch Comments: always do not think green belongs to wild color. But when the green is applied to the design of the dial, it is always just a matter of expectation. In contrast to the ordinary super, this super will be applied to the green bead design. In contrast, the green bezel than the large area of ​​the green will be applied to the dial more subtle, but more publicity than the green table mirror. With silver-gray dial and strap, green is more prominent, and more harmonious. Advanced texture arises spontaneously. This is a moon with the function of the chronograph, using automatic winding movement cal.9904 movement.
Summary: “To live a decent life, who must be a little green” This is a complex for the entertainment of the sexual relations of ridicule, but on our ordinary people’s lives, in fact, can be used as a fun with the theorem. Green in the hot summer, or in the cold winter, can bring people a bright feeling. Above these green watches, which one hit your heart it?

Bronze replica watches can give you want

Bronze replica watches first appeared in 1870 or so, because they are more affordable than the gold watch, so the price of the ordinary people can wear the table. In recent years, the degree of hot copper table can be seen, regardless of brand size, have introduced bronze watch. Due to the characteristics of bronze oxidation discoloration, each bronze table can brew a unique vicissitudes of color, and each person’s wear habits and the environment is different, so many years later it shows what is unknown. Some people may have been wearing for decades, after careful maintenance, or bright as new, but some people wear a year or two on the rusty no longer care. To say that the bronze watch will eventually show what style, depending on how the owner to raise it. The charm of the bronze watch is that the wearer at different times to see the time is always different it. But the general roof of the bronze table will not be made of copper, because the direct contact with the skin, to avoid the oxide layer to get the skin on the wearer allergic reaction, but also easy to show dirty, so the bottom cover are basically steel or titanium Made of metal.

The first brand to do the bronze watch is Geruo Zunda, design ghost Gerald Genta master in 1988 launched the first bronze to create the Gefica watch was a topic, but at that time did not form a wave in the brand was After the introduction of the Gregory, in 2007 and launched the same re-interpretation of the bronze Gefica Safari series, this special material began to be slightly more attention. Gefica’s design inspired by Geoffroy, Fissore and Canali three African hunting trip, and retrieve the first two letters of the last three letters into the Gefica named.

The Gefica Safari retains the bronze case and the classic design elements embedded in the case and crown metal particles, the color of the earth color shows the vitality of the continent’s vitality. Although the bronze material so far in the use of the watch industry is still not widely used, but because of the metal characteristics of the personalized appearance changes, coupled with each brand for this material has its own unique interpretation of the method, for the love of bronze material Watch collectors, these are the bronze watch the most attractive presence.

Panerai PAM382
Panerai bronze table is more familiar with other brands than the other, and the trend of the bronze table can also be said that the Panerai Replica belt, led the collectors began to pay attention to the works of bronze cheap replica watches. When the bronze encounter Panerai, brought the absolute is a shock. 2011 Panerai launched the first bronze watch, with the “death squads” release, this wearing Stallone in the hands of PAM382 fire. At that time the Panerai 382 can be described as a table hard to find, the global limited to 1000, have seen very few people in kind, is definitely a heavy taste poison.

Panerai PAM507
2013 launch of the 507 with 382 is very similar, the only difference is 507 dial more than a power display window, the color of the dial green, look younger, do the old craft gives a rough sense of retro. I have to say that the color is very green,

The nations “Darwin Adventure Tour” special edition IW379503 bronze watch
The launch of the bronze watch should be a lot of people did not expect the 2014 launch of the first bronze watch – Ocean watch watch “Darwin Adventure Tour” special edition, the choice of material is copper and aluminum alloy high-tech bronze , Ruggedness and hardness are higher than pure copper, and anti-wear, is to create diving tables and adventure table perfect material.

Watch to black and yellow-based colors, a lot of people began to see this table will be considered gold gold gloss, only it is an exception, but with the passage of time, after the continuous oxidation of copper, the color of the case Or will be more and more deep, showing a warm bronze, giving a simple texture. This warm color bronze also appears as a fluorescent color in the pointer, time scale and rotating inner ring scale, with a black rubber strap, no bronze table with a sense of retro, but more of a fashion sense.

The table was called the Darwin Adventure Tour, because in the Darwin era, bronze is widely used in shipbuilding, Darwin in the Galapagos Islands adventure to collect a large number of valuable information, laid the foundation of its origin theory, And this marine watch is the great natural scientists praise. Watch the bottom cover is also engraved with Darwin’s head, this table is also a commemorative section, but no limited production, which is like a friend of it is really good news.

Tomb of the World
Tudor’s retro diving table has been very popular, 2016 Basel watch show, Tudor launched a bronze version, this bronze diving watch bezel, belt, face plate are reddish brown, warm yellow aluminum alloy The case reproduces the beauty of ancient bronze and other diving equipment using bronze materials. Large crown carved with thorn rose pattern from 1958, so that the table of nostalgic atmosphere is more obvious. Tudor This bronze fake watches assembly case glowing copper green color, is made of high-performance aluminum bronze alloy casting, and the use of matte modification, looks a kind of special beauty, so it was a very popular one Watch.

Halley ORIS Carl Brashear limited diving watch

The same diving watch is a set of Hao Li also made a copper table, this Carl Brashear limited diving watch is the brand’s first bronze watch, it was born to commemorate the history of the US Navy Navy first African-American diving Long Carl Brashear’s legendary life, limited to 2000 pieces. The design of the watch is inspired by the 1950s copper deep submerged helmet, in the era of Carl Brashear, divers must wear copper helmets and other diving equipment to the deep sea, so with bronze material to create this diving table Very memorable.

Bronze was originally bright and shiny, and gradually darkened after reaction with oxygen and water vapor, which means that over time, the 2000 limited watch will produce different brass and eventually become unique One. In order to wear comfortable and avoid direct contact with the skin sweat oxidation, the bottom cover for the stainless steel, the center of the early deep-sea diving helmet pattern, once again stressed the tribute to this table object. The inside of the Navy Rope of the helmet pattern is Carl Brashear’s famous saying: “It’s not sinful to get knocked down, it’s a sin to stay down.”