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Panerai Replica 2017 new watch appreciation exhibition

Hangzhou, September 14, 2017 – Panerai in the city of luxury landmarks – Hangzhou Building held 2017 new watch appreciation exhibition, review the milestone in the development of the brand, and display a series of heritage history and condensation of innovative ideas wrist Table works. Panerai Greater China brand spokesperson Mr. Huo Jianhua elegant appearance, and Panerai China General Manager Mr. Cheng Tengchuan and a public guests for the exhibition kicked off.

Panerai Greater China brand spokesperson Mr. Huo Jianhua and Panerai China General Manager Mr. Cheng Tengchuan four guests

Panerai Greater China brand spokesperson Mr. Huo Jianhua
Mr. Huo Jianhua said: “Become a spokesman for the Greater China region of Panerai this six months, my interaction with the brand side so that I have a more in-depth understanding of the historical heritage of Panerai Replica, watchmaking process and its marine world Bao some enthusiasm The Panerai 2017 new watch appreciation exhibition, regardless of the brand of fans or the general public, are a good discovery, understanding or further understanding of the opportunities in Panerai. I am honored here today And we witness this moment together.

The Panerai 2017 new watch appreciation exhibition is divided into three blocks: the brand history area, movement process area, innovative diving watch display area.

Brand history area reviewed the Panerai brand since its founding in 1860 so far.

The movement of the process area show a total of five different functions of Panerai self-produced movement, in accordance with the movement of the power storage length, the function from simple to fan to arrange, in order to show the brand in the movement of the development of superb craft The In addition to the movement show, the scene also invited brand watchmaker for the exhibition guests P.3000 movement assembly process, see Panerai “core” secret.

Panerai Greater China brand spokesperson Mr. Huo Jianhua
In this area, guests can also appreciate the Panerai five classic luxury replica watches series, display order in accordance with the shell-type evolution time order has been arranged: respectively, to lay the brand military gene RADIOMIR series; to meet the military table more solid demands And the details of the improved RADIOMIR 1940 series; design was born in the 1950s, with a high degree of brand crown crown LUMINOR 1950 series; in the 1990s to open the door after the civilian market more and more simple LUMINOR series and a substantial reduction in thickness , The distribution of elegance of the new LUMINOR DUE series.

Innovative diving watch display area is the most eye-catching, the design inspiration from the former naval military task when driving the torpedo shape display cabinet, quiet atmosphere makes people feel like being in the deep sea. Six new SUBMERSIBLE professional diving watch display, the case diameter of 42 mm or 47 mm, and each material are different ingenuity – the traditional classic stainless steel, filling the elegant grace of the red gold, solid but more light Titanium, with a unique texture appearance of the innovative CARBOTECHTM. Particularly worth mentioning is the rich personality of the bronze material, inspired by the common bronze parts on the sailboat, the Panerai and the sea to show the most vividly.

At the end of the exhibition, visitors through the VR device can be a comprehensive experience Panerai LAB-IDTM watch the charm of this cheap replica watches equipped with a high performance carbon fiber case, covered with carbon black tube and extremely black dial 50 years * Lubrication movement, fully demonstrates the Panerai Laboratorio Di Idee (creative workshop) attainments.

Panerai Greater China brand spokesperson Mr. Huo Jianhua

Panerai Pei 2017 new watch appreciation exhibition

Panerai Replica LUMINOR 1950 series of 3 days to move the bronze automatic watch

In recent years, bronze watch has become a major trend of men’s senior watch. For a long history of Italy’s senior watch brand Panerai Replica, the heavy historical background has become a retro in the manufacture of a strong cornerstone. In 2012, Panerai first launched bronze watch 382, ​​by virtue of its unique brand series modeling coupled with the rich flavor of the era of bronze case design, and soon by the table friends of the hot pursuit, became the extraordinary The Brand second bronze watch, it is in the 2013 exhibition on the 507, with long-lasting charm and distinctive sailing style of high-profile. Until after a lapse of four years of 2017 SIHH, Panerai to bring you the brand in the third bronze watch, the first general windy blue plate dialed into a new, full of charm with bronze phase contrast, So that the freshness of the new wind to be natural, and retro feelings of integration, showing a unique new style of retro connotation. Here, we take a look at: (watch model: PAM00671)

Bronze material is beautiful
Bronze, made of copper and pure tin alloy. Can maximize the resistance to seawater and environmental conditions generated by the corrosion. Although the soft primary colors will pass over time, the bronze material reacts with the external factor to form green rust on the surface, covering the shell surface. However, these green rust will not change the material properties, and will make the cheap replica watches even more unique, distributed ancient charm.

Brand third generation bronze table style

Watch model: PAM00671

Bronze case and frosted bronze crown bridge
The new watch continues the previous two generations of 47 mm bronze pillow case design, after careful handling of the brand after showing a great sensory enjoyment, it is unable to stop. Attached to the degree of counter-clockwise one-way rotating bezel side lines clear, easy to operate. Retains the brand series Another large recognition design crown bridge, in the show the uniqueness of the watch at the same time also effectively avoid the water or vibration on the watch and crown damage, very reliable.

Ornamental full blue dial
Simple and reasonable blue dial, the brand name of the rod and the dotted time and the central hollow hour and minute and 9 seconds at the small seconds against each other, showing the unique charm of Panerai diving table. Are covered with beige luminescent display coating, and bronze case complement each other, distributed honest and retro navigation style. The 3-hour setting has a date display window to provide easier time information.

Watch luminous display
Pointers and time scales are covered with luminous parts, even in the dark environment can also observe the time, very convenient. At night, the luxury replica watches will be issued Yingying light, very beautiful.

Panerai Replica Watches P.9010 movement
Through the back cover design of the back cover can see the movement of the appearance. Equipped with Panerai P.9010 movement, completely developed by the brand, to support a number of practical functions. Provide 3 days power reserve, waterproof rating of 300 meters.

Dark brown Ponte Vecchio calfskin strap

Needle Clasp
With a dark brown Ponte Vecchio calfskin strap, connect a needle buckle, the pointer is slightly larger than the buttonhole, can make the watch in the wrist more stable and reliable.

Panerai LUMINOR 1950 series of 3 days to move the bronze automatic watch
Summary: Horizontal the Panerai LUMINOR 1950 series of 3 years to move bronze automatic watch, like a story and full of qualified naval soldiers, with a strong army of awe-inspiring wind. Brand for the first time the blue dial and bronze case integration, coupled with the extraordinary excellence of the core P.9010 and full of calfskin dark brown strap, as this year’s watch on the watch one of the high-profile The Which watch the world’s limited edition of 1000, like the table friends to seize the opportunity! (Watch price: RMB 101,600)